IOSapp on Windows


I just started to disover Ionic, and I want to know can I build IOS app on windows, without using mac?


According to my limited knowledge on Ionic, you will need Mac iOS to develop apps for iOS.

But as you are in Windows, you can build you app either for Android or WP and using that it won’t take much time to have the app for iOS from a MAC machine.

Experts, please correct me if I am wrong.


Of course you can develop the HTML / JS part of the App on any operating system (which should be 99% of your app). However compiling the App for iOS is only possible on a Mac computer with Xcode installed. There are some “non-free” cloud services available which can do the compiling job. For example: I’ve never used one of these services but I am sure you’ll find enough information about them on Google.

Couldn't buy account PhoneGap Build

Just to add to the above, there is also PhoneGap Build which let’s you pull a project from github or upload a zip file and it will build the app for you. It is free for 1 app but there is a size limit (Last time I used it it was 25MB but this article states it’s going up to 50MB). Your config file will also have to be setup differently for plugins in order to work.

There is also the Ionic View app that was released by Ionic. You can upload the app through the CLI and then view it on your phone using the Ionic View app. According to them it should work from a PC, as well. I haven’t tried it personally though. This is also just a way to test it, you will need to use a mac (or one of the above options) to build it for release.


You could also install OSX on a virtual machine…technically that’s running in windows as well :wink:


Did you tryed it?
Do i need to pay 99$ to build out for testing my app?


Yes, i did…its my current production environment and can confirm that works fine from development to release (key signing etc)

You do not need to pay the fee if you are testing on the emulator but you will need to pay when you want to deploy on a device.

For development purposes you could jailbreak your device and pay when you need to release


There are also other Services for this:

im using AppBuilder from Telerik
Or you could use Intel XDK


what version of OSX did you install on the VM?


I have installed Yosemite OSX


I have my iphone jailbreaked already, i have also VMWare with osx on it. Ill give a try to build out an app. Lets see what can i get =)


Initially i installed maverics but had to upgrade to Yosemite because it is required by the latest version of xcode.

Both versions run quite well, although the animations are a bit slow since there is no hardware acceleration