Can i build Ionic apps for IOS on Windows PC


Can i build Ionic apps for IOS on Windows PC?
I do not have OS X but I need to build my apps for IOS, otherwise i will loose my client.

Can anyone tell me is there any way to build Ionic apps for IOS on Windows?

Thanks in advance …

Short story: No.
Long story: Yes, but you will need to hit some kind of OSX build server somewhere in order to retrieve the .ipa it produces. From there, you can install it via iTunes on your Windows machine.

One way or another, a Mac will need to be involved in the process.

Thanks for your reply.
Can I build for IOS using PhoneGap service ?

I started with a windows pc and considered services like macincloud for remote osx access. I determined that option wouldnt work, so purchased a cheap mac mini. This worked, but it was a pain. Building and testing on 2 computers is not fun. Just because it works for ios on the chrome emulator on your PC doesn’t mean its gonna work on a real iPhone.

I bought a macbook pro, and life is much better. That is my advice to you.

Thanks Jack for your reply …

yes you can build ios on windows but you need some work
you will need :
vmware Workstation with crack to run MACOS
iSO FOR MACOS or just get VM ready they are disponible on internet

this way is 100% work i used more than 8 month now .

good luck and keep moving :wink:

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