Mac or windows?

Hello there.
I’m new here and I really need help.
I’m going to develop an application using ionic. This application will be for both iOS and android.
Do I need mac to develop it for iOS ? or windows can do it?
if I can do it using windows, is it a long process to do it?
the company I’m working in asked me if I need mac and I’m really confused.
So, give me the easiest way, mac or windows?? :relaxed:

Thanks :pray:

definitely mac !!!

in windows you can’t test IOS or publish your app you must have Xcode

so i really recommend a mac

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Mac … so you can develope ios AND android

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Thank you :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

you have full example in ionic docs how to
set your environment for IOS and android

MAC to build your app file because it’s using Xcode. You can also ask for Windows and run a VM on it if you really want Windows, but I call this sadistic! :smiley: