Needs a mac to develop and deploy ios apps?


Very new to Ionic and just started reading the docs. Am I right saying that I MUST use a mac if I want to develop and deploy an app targeting both iOS and Android eventually? Because it’s NOT possible to deploy (probably development is fine?) the app to app store using Windows. And this applies to both Ionic 1 and Ionic 2?

Also, as far as I understand, with the help of Ionic Platform package it’s possible to deploy the app to ios on Window; does this apply to both Ionic 1 and Ionic 2 or only Ionic 2?

I am a Window user and like the idea of cross platform app development; so want to double check this before deciding whether it’s the time to buy a mac:)


The IOS app can only be deployed on iTunes with the help of mac machine. simple reason for this is
Basically, Apple’s policy is that in order to develop for iOS, you need a Mac.

I am under the impression that I can’t even DEVELOP and TEST the app targeting the iOS without a mac.

That’s correct. You can’t

Thanks for the confirmation!

Guess that’s a good enough reason to buy a mac?! :slight_smile:

That’s up to you. I really don’t like macs and ‘my’ Mac is supplier by my employer. I would never buy a mac myself, but that’s just personal opinion. If you need to build iOs apps, you’re gonna need a mac. And an iphone

Unlike you, I don’t have an employer who would provide me a mac:(

Emule o mac no windows

If apple want to play it hard, he will get it hard, I will make no apps for ios. There really asked for it …

This isn’t exactly true.
I use the Intel XDK (free software) to develop on both iOS and Android.
The only step that you actually need a Mac for is uploading the .ipa with Application Loader. For this I use MacInCloud which is very reasonable (considering you only need about 3 minutes at a time). You only need this for the production versions to upload to the App Store.
For testing you can just upload directly (over the air) after building your ad hoc version.

I have a couple of apps on the App Store made using this technique


Maybe this link can help you:
Build Apps in Minutes with Ionic Package

Ionic Package

Warning: Ionic Package is currently in beta.

I wound up buying a cheap Mac on eBay. It’s a 2009 Macbook and cost me about $170 AUD. It’s slow as hell and the simulator is painful to use, but I managed to get my app in the store with it.

I also bought an iPhone 4S from eBay. That was $130 AUD and it is still pretty snappy. I could have paid even less if I got one that had something wrong with it (e.g. home button broken, battery not holding charge, glass cracked but screen still working etc.) but I wanted something that would last me a while.