Easily building ios package on Windows without IONIC PRO?

I have a big problem. I really need to test my app on ios, however because of my plugins, ionic view is not compatible with my apps so i need to build the app and copy it to my iPhone. I don’t have MAC so i can’t build directly on my computer.

I am learning Ionic for my university thesis so $30 usd/month for Ionic Pro is expensive for me to build in the cloud :frowning:

Anyone can link me a method to build my app on windows?

However you go ahead with this you DO need an Apple Developer account at a cost, no way round that one I’m afraid.

For building you can use Phonegap Build to create your IPA/APK files for free. Setting up an account gives you one free ‘private’ app (as many public ones as you like). It’s just then a case of producing a production bundle, zipping it up and uploading.

Create a free account with Phonegap Build.

Create your production build - ionic build browser --prod
Zip up the following directories and files into a single zipfile…

  • /www
  • /resources
  • config.xml

Upload to PhoneGap Build (can be done with their web gui - super easy).

As said before you do need to have an Apple account in order to get valid certificates… a good howto guide is here…

That should get you there.

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thank you for your help, i tought that i only need a certificate if i want to upload it to the store and i can use it unsigned on my phone

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Sorry, no dice. Remember this is Apple we’re talking about :wink:

Android allow unsigned however.

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Just found this and it helped.

Maybe the setup takes some time, but at the end you’ll have a working solid Mac environment in your Windows machine.