Ios computer for Ionic

Hi !

If I want build my application on Ios, which Mac computer adviced me you ?

Hi there! Generally, an recent mac will do. Most budget friends macs tend to be mac minis, though you could get something like a mac book air for some decent development.

Thank for your answer, I will check mac minis with my little budget :slight_smile: !

@mhartington, I’ll be picking up a Mac in the next few days. Probably along the lines of a Mac book air. Any offhand suggestions on models to avoid / gravitate to?

I know absolutely nothing about Macs, so I’m in the dark.

If anyone’s got any suggestions I’ll happily take them. Looking to spend $850-1250

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If you’re in the US I highly recommend keeping an eye on the Apple refurb store (Here). It doesn’t look like they have any Mac mini refurbs available now but they have plenty of iMacs in your price range. A quad core will obviously have faster build times than a dual core CPU.

All refurbs come with the same 1 year warranty that new models have and they are eligible for Apple care too if you want to extend.

Awesome. Thanks @EvanW I’ll take a look-see

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This is my experience (so far).

I develop using Windows and purchased a secondhand macbook solely to get our app working on the Iphone. The macbook is not used for anything else - what we found is:

1 - The differences between Windows and Apple is not great - but it is enough to drive your round the bend!
2 - You will spend a lot of time getting to understand Xcode.
3 - You will spend endless hours trying to keep the app on the two systems the same (ionic has a habit of constant revisions so the app from one day to the next is never the same).

My advice for what it is worth is - if you want your app on apple then ditch the windows system and get the best apple hardware you can afford - I hate Apple but at least with Apple you can have Android and IOS on the same machine.

Thanks Guinea Pig. I’ve wanted a Mac for a good while, so was planning on it anyways. Now a company want to put me charge of CRM / ERP for their entire org, as well as director of IT. Problem being, entirely run on Mac. So I’ve got no choice in the matter.

I’ve got a $2000 pc. I may just trade it in ( can you do that with computers? I’ve never attempted a trade in )

Thanks for your answer ! I will have the same use as you. But I don’t understand why we can’t just have the Mac to compile and why you recommand to do all the development on Mac ? I hate Apple too…

This is just my personal experience - developed on windows and then copy over to apple. I end up making changes on the apple version and having to repeat the changes on the windows system - before long the two systems were different and you either copy one system to another and lose any changes not picked up on the other system.
The major drawback is if you only use the apple to compile the app on then you forget how to use the apple system and each time is a new learning curve. I hate Apple but at least with Apple you have both Android and IOS in one place.
My main point is that if you want to support Apple products then develop on Apple hardware - otherwise compile on a mac as cheap and as quick as possible and accept the result will be far from perfect and may not work as you expect.

Thank you ! And you have an android phone and Apple phone for the test ?

Android tablet and iPhone 5c.
The iPhone has been the hardest to get working (Android was a piece of cake).
The app is designed for 5c in terms of screen minimum size (320 x 568) any larger screen just looks nicer.

Keep thinking about buying a really cheap Android phone just so we can demonstrate it working on the lowest possible spec - but to be honest Apple is where the money is iPhone users are more likely to pay for premium version.

We are about to go into public test mode this month - but when we go live we will have to buy extra equipment - no point in a user saying they a problem with iPhoneX and not being able to test on it.

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When replying to this post I can’t help but think there is a market for Ionic Windows to IOS support. User would submit windows version and a company could produce a workable IOS version - take away all the hassle of learning Apple xcode and applying to IStore.

That would be extremely nice. Random circumstances have me probably transitioning to Mac, but I’m not happy about it. But it might be a moot point for me soon.

Developing with windows and sporting an iPhone for the last year and a half has been challenging…

Hi ! Just a last question. Which version of macOS is ok for Ionic ?

You can use any macOS from the last few years for development. In order to distribute on the App Store you need to have macOS 10.12.6 or later, since that’s a requirement of Xcode 9.

Thank you very much !

The last company I worked for bought a Macbook Pro for compiling the Ionic app we were working on. It was a real PITA to keep it working properly, and performming usual updates (NodeJS, Ionic, XCode and OS). Be sure to get any Mac, hopefully at least an i5 with 8GB RAM and more than 128 GB storage. I ended using a 200GB SD Card for all my code and other documents.
Best regards.

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But do we need Xcode 9 or before this is ok ?

Thanks I will see that