Requirements of a Mac computer to develop for iOS with Ionic

I will buy a Mac computer to develop apps with Ionic, and I would not like to buy wrong.

What are the requirements that an Apple Mac computer should have?

I ask not only about hardware, but also about the operating system version and any other point that should be taken into account

Do the requirements on a Mac vary according to the version of Ionic that you use to develop?

Any detail that I should take into account for my purchase of the Mac?


I have a MacBook Pro late 2013 with 16 GB of memory and 1 TB of flash storage. I also have an external Apple LED Cinema Display. I am currently running macOS Sierra 10.12.6.

I do Hybrid App (i.e., with Cordova plugins) development on the host O/S (macOS). So I can run emulators, etc.

I do PWA (i.e., without Cordova plugins) development on the host O/S or on a VM running in VirtualBox.


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An i5 with 8 GB RAM should be enough. Just make sure you choose any Mac with more than 128 GB of drive space, otherwise you’ll be struggling to install XCode, your IDE, and all Ionic dependencies.

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