Macbook or PC

Hi all !

Today i realized, that my computer ( 4 years old ) is very slow already.

I want develop native Apps for Android and iOS using IONIC (Angular ). Additionally i will
develop PWA. In general i do not care if my Operating System will WINDOWS, MAC OS or LINUX.

Before i invest money in a brand new computer, i would like to ask in this forum, :frowning:

a.) Whichvis the preferable hardware to develop the above mentioned tasks
b.) Which OS should i install ?
c.) Or does it make sense to involve “Virtual Box” somehow in combination with a.) & b.) ?

Any constructive input is welcome

Best regards

i switched to an macbook like two years ago, because i need xcode of course to develop and upload ios apps - and i really love it (but i’m an apple dude in general :smiley:)

Unsure about what’s possible at the moment but i remember that having a mac was required for ios development some time ago

Thx, i think i will buy a MacBook 16 inch.
I am wondering if it would work to install parallels and than run a virtual machine, which would be a MacOS, because i would like to leave the Guest System untouched at all and only running parallels on it.

Has someone experience with developing ionic in such a virtual MACOS machine ?

Performance, Problems, etc ?

Feel free to wait for other opinions, but that looks like needless complexity to me. If you just install nvm and never run any ionic development-related commands as root or under sudo, you can’t do any damage outside of that user’s home directory, and even then a single rm and nvm install can repair even the most burnt-up node installation.

Macbook, hands down. Can easily do iOS and Android while Windows can only do Android (iOS w/ Appflow, or resorting to hacky methods).

Though the best Mac I ever used was a hackintosh…

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Apple Silicon is the best for you

I would favor Ubuntu Linux. Right choice

Hi, awas thinking the same initially.

But, the new ARM will not support windows, as fas as i heard.

The problem is, that i need somehow all the , Windows, Linux and Mac on one Machine and that was the reason why i startet thinking about Mac as a Guest machine and then running three VMs ( Mac,Win and Linux ) on it.

Hi, that is what i am doing at the moment.
But how to build the IOS package with that setup ?

Appflow could be a solution but i heard it is a little bit hackle.

Perhaps you need Windows for other things, but you don’t need it for Ionic development. iOS is the real outlier here, as you can build for all other platforms using a headless setup inside a VM sitting in a cloud hosting service if you desire.

So my recommendation is:

  1. do your day-to-day development in whatever environment you feel comfortable and productive in;
  2. have a Mac sitting around to do iOS builds if “MacOS” isn’t your choice for #1.
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