Which mac to build my ios app

Hello All,

I am trying to find help from you because it will be soon time to build my app on IOS.
However I never used a mac for my entire life.
I developed my app and my server on windows and my server is deployed on a server running on ubuntu.
I just would like to know what is according to you the minimum required configuration to build my app on ios (and maybe debug if needed)

I looked at the new mac mini because not to much expensive compared to imac or macbook.

For 549 euros I have a:
Intel core i5 dualcore 1.4 GHz

For 799 euros I have a:
Intel core i5 dualcore 2.6 GHz

For 1 099 euros I have a:
Intel core i5 dualcore 2.8 GHz

Do you think the first one is enough or will I faced some issues?

Thanks a lot for your answer

Are you planning to do anything that will need manual work on the iOS project after generating it with Cordova?

If not: Do you know about Ionic Package? https://docs.ionic.io/services/package/
You still need a Mac to upload the generated .ipa at the end but you can use macincloud.com or similar for that (or even https://www.wenz.io/ApplicationLoader). Much, much cheaper.

You can run OSX in a VM if you want :wink:
But if you want to buy a Mac, you should buy a MacBook Pro for mobile and stationary development. I love my MacBook Pro 2015 Retina model! You can buy it for under 1000€ (13 inches) on eBay actually.


Thanks for this answer however I will need maybe to code a bit in some cordova plugin which are currently not maintained or which needs some adaptations.


A mac book pro is mandatory? :sweat:
Because the problem with second-hand is that you don’t know if it has been well treated…

You can also buy a Mac in Apples refurbished store. Otherwise, I recommend a Mac Mini. They are cheap and do their job well. You can also use it as a build server if you want to be smart with your development and release process.

I will have a look :slight_smile:

So if you recommand a mac mini do you think the configuration of the first one is enough or should I switch to the second one?

I do not see any refurbished mac mini unfortunately

The second! More RAM and higher CPU speed for compiling!

If you go the mac mini route middle option this link is for 750 euros plus possible extra 100 euros discount:

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In case someone comes by here, I found a pretty good service, if you don’t mind spending a bit. I tried so many app uploading services but they either didn’t work or they didn’t work after a while.
I found this today https://www.macincloud.com/