Testing on ios without mac is just impossible :@

Guys i am so mad srsly because of Apple. I am writing my university thesis and i need to create an app. It is working fine on android but i still couldnt test it on my iphone. The problem is that i dont have a mac and i don’t want to buy $100 apple certificate. I just want to test my app on ios so maybe later it will release in Apple store.

But no. Both ionic and apple just make it impossible. I tried phonegap cloud building service, even paid for ionic cloud service both of them useless. I managed to create a p12 key file on a virtual machine from xcode but phonegap still requires provisioning profile file which is impossible to get without paid license. Ionic still needs xcode and everytime you have to copy the project to your virtual machine which is really slow making it impossible to test.

It is just so annoying that developing is so limited and blocked by this ridiculous rules, just taking away my motivation.

this is apple policy, you have to pay 100$ fee to test the app, ionic has nothing to do with that

Just use Ionic DevApp - as least you can see it working on the iPhone.

What @FnnHuman said is spot on. Ionic: no control over issues involving Apple policy, provisioning profiles, etc.

And yeah, it is very frustrating. Sorry, @perenyitamas.