Build Apps in Minutes with Ionic Package

Don’t have a Mac to build an iOS app? No problem!

Dan (@dwieeb) has been hard at work getting Ionic Package into public alpha! Ionic Package allows you to create development and production builds of your app that can be submitted to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or be installed directly on your friends’, family members’, and colleagues’ devices.

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Ready to give Package a test drive? Great! Just update your Ionic CLI to the latest version to get the latest Package commands (npm install -g ionic), and then learn how to use it in our docs.

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I uploaded my app. How do I test it on my iphone?

Googled it:

Thanks, but as far as I know, xCode is only Mac OS compatible… which is quite strange when you read the first sentence of this topic: “Don’t have a Mac to build an iOS app? No problem!” :confused:
Same for the guide which is a little bit confusing (cf. security profiles page) for those who doesn’t have a Mac. The “managing certificates” part seems to assume that we have purchased an Apple Developer Account ($99 a year) but it’s not clearly mentioned.
For a Windows user who’s looking for a simple solution to deploy (not in the App Store) - free of charge - its app from his Windows computer directly to his iPad/iPhone, imho, it’s still a pain in the neck. :worried:

I agree this is confusing indeed, and it seems you still need a Mac if only for the silly certificates.

However what I did in the past was run a “hackintosh” under VirtualBox. So you just have a “fake” Mac running under Windows or Linux using a “hackintosh” ISO which you can freely download somewhere. Works quite well but I didn’t test if you can use if for the certificates and all that.

Yes and then having to install Xcode would still suck hard. The alternative (iTunes) is dead slow it seems. And if you want to publish then yes there is no way around ponying up 99 USD per year to Apple.

Apple just wants to go all out to force you to use their hardware and to play within their walled garden.

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Yep, Hackintosh is a “solution” … but not in a company. :o)

Yeah sure I get that … :wink:

Just annoying that Apple forces you to buy a Mac and the whole shebang and pony up 99 USD, simply to receive the “favor” from them to install an app in their silly store (and then they grab 30% of your revenue).

When we ever get to a situation where big companies like Apple and Google are controlling 90% of the internet then I’ll probably change careers.

Microsoft used to be the bad guys but it seems to me a company like Apple has successfully followed in their footsteps.

Sorry about the confusion. I’ve since added a section about generating the certificate signing requests in OpenSSL (which works on any platform). So, if you’re a Windows user, you’ll need to pay $99/year for the Apple developer account and then you can use OpenSSL in conjunction with the Apple Member Center to generate your certificates and provisioning profiles. (This is all documented.) Unfortunately, you do still need iTunes connect on a Mac to actually publish to the App Store.

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Thank you for the clarification @dwieeb!

is that the same for the new version of swift and xcode? I heard you don’t need to pay to get it pushed to your phone… you will still need to pay to publish it on the store.

Hi, I need help with ionic, i’m trying read the csv and print the dates in a list, how a chat, but don’t print nothing, just i see 2 empty bars , and i’m using the google maps api too, but when i work with the index.html i can see the components without map, now when i put the cod in another .html not print nothing

Please post a new topic for this question. This is not related to the current topic. Thanks!

Hi @brandyshea

What is the way to configure the min Android and iOS version using the ionic package? and only to use with tablets?

Thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated