iOS build and Ionic


I’m using Ionic for 6 months. I’m working on Windows so I’ve only been able to build my app for Android and try my app via Ionic View App for iOS. I’m considering buying a Mac to build and deploy my app for iOS.

Can anyone confirm me the next requirements please?

  • Is the $499 Mac Mini enough?
  • Should I pay for an iOS Developer account if I only want - at the moment - to test my app on my iPad? (no deployment in the AppStore)

Is there any other step or thing I’ll have to deal with?

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend! :smile:

Yes the Mac Mini is powerful enough and you can just use an iPad emulator to test your iPad app if you don’t want to pay the $100 bucks a year.

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Thanks @seanhill! Can I install the IPA file of my app on my iPad without the $100 Apple Developer Account?

I don’t think so, because to build the IPA I’m pretty sure you need an account.

Okay I’ll try!

I think I’ll buy the $499 Mac Mini with the 8Go upgrade (some people argue that the 4Go version is pretty slow when using emulation features).