Build for IOS on Windows

I successfully built my app for Android, but naturally things are not that simple for IOS for a windows user.

This question has been asked many times before in many places at different times in different versions, but I’m interested to see if there’s any up-to-date info on the issue.

Here’s an old topic with a variety of answers: How to build app for iPhone without Mac?

I’m using ionic 3 and I’d like to build for the latest IOS, My PC OS is Windows 10.
Does Ionic provide any way to make this process easier?

I understood that in the latest IOS an apple dev account is no longer a requirement for testing. How do I test without one? (perhaps it’s possible only when using a MAC?)

How do I use PhoneGap Build with Ionic?

It requires apple app certificate and keys to build.

Am I supposed to manually create a config.xml?

Hey @royibernthal!

Building iOS packages and such on Windows is always a pain in the a**.
Ionic provides a nifty Cloud Service which builds the iOS package for you, kinda nice.
( (100 Free Builds per month)

When it comes to the Certificate and Testing… uh, I still believe they are a requirement to test your app on a real iOS device. Another issue I ran into is with the App Entitlements, which I’m not sure if it is an issue related to Ionic package or not. But basically I’m trying around and around to have the iOS App see the Push Notification Entitlement, with no luck so far.

To be honest, if you plan to build things for iOS it is best to get hold of a Mac. Or research about Hackintosh to get OS X on a normal PC. But with Windows you will have a struggle developing for Apple specific devices.

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Hi , thanks :slight_smile:
ionic package is just the feature I hoped for.
Installed Mac on a VM as well, helped with the certificates process.

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@duke1102 Did you ever end up having any luck getting the Push Notification Entitlement into the iOS App via ionic package? I have tried for weeks now with no luck. Same goes for getting the AppLinks Entitlement configured. If not how have you worked around this solution? Do you manually build with xcode on a mac?