Phonegap build and ionic v1.0



i’m running on windows and ready to publish my app. in order to do so i need to generate an iOS build.
Rather than going out and buying a MAC (and potentially an apple device) I’d like to use phonegap build service to compile for ios.

I’ve seen some posts on the forum and the internet where people have apparently successfully done so using previous versions, but it looks like there are some key differences between what phonegap build expects and how ionic is laid out.
one of them being the config.xml

In the context of ionic v1.0 does anyone know of a tutorial on this topic? or if it is even possible in v1.0
or if the list of things to do is very short, maybe point me in the right direction?


closes thing i’ve found to a guide but is >1 year old


I’ve been playing around with osx on vmware and seems to work quite well. I managed to build for ios and launch my app in the emulator (not the most legal solution though… :smile:)


Ohhhh, i thought osx on vmware only works if the hypervisor is a mac?
will give this a try. thanks.


If you need help let me know. It took me a while to set it up ( I had no osx experience whatsoever)


i ended up not follow through with setting up an OSX vm and instead hacked my ionic project into making it compatible with

here’s a post describing how i did it: