New to ionic & need some guidance


I’m a web developer & trying to build a mobile app for iPhone. I generally use PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery in my daily stuff & pretty comfortable with node.

I work on ubuntu(14.04 LTS, 64bit) machine. After reading some of the ionic documentation, I found for building an iPhone app a Mac machine is the first requirement. There is mac machine which I’ve a limited access. So, what I’m thinking… I’ll build an ionic project for android in my Ubuntu machine & when it’ll get build, I’ll import this project in Mac machine & there I’ll try to build & generate iPhone specific code(xcode may be. don’t know a lot about it).

So Guys, I just now wanted to know… is it a good idea to work like this or is there any better solution to handle this issue.



maybe you have a current adobe licence for creative suite --> there you got an adobe id and can use phonegap build as a build server.

So there is no need to use CLI --> create your app like a webapp/site add a config.xml to configure your app --> upload it to phonegap build and build your app.
But all on all for some steps you need a mac like creation provisioning profiles, certificates and so on.


No, I don’t have any adobe license for creative suite. By the way, the process which I’ve suggested in my post… will that work?


you need to build the whole app on your mac not only specific code.

But yes, i would first build everything to work in chrome and on android and then testing ios.


Oh no. Then, my idea will not work. I’ve to get a Mac for building an iPhone app. :expressionless:


Oh wait:

seems like you can generate the certificates on windows and linux

So you could use phonegap build to build your app :wink: and no need of a mac any more


Thanks, I’ll check it out.