Build Ionic app with Phonegap cloud build?

Is it possible to build Ionic made app using Phonegap cloud build service?

Yes it is possible. Your app is like any javascript app, and you only have to upload the www folder. Do keep in mind to include a config.xml which states which plugins should be included.

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i am doning this, because i want to have a clean repo of my apps.
So i have a very clean structure (only the additional config.xml) and everything is fine.

But you loose the easy way to debug apps over the cli.
Maybe you can put your repo in the www folder but then you are missing the config.xml in and some special files in your repo.

Maybe somebody has the master plan for using both together (cli and phonegap build).


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I would like to thank both of you for answer. I did try it but got some error regarding Apple developer keys mix. Will try to resolve that and will see what happens.

Is there a tutorial to “cloud build” an ionic framework app on phonegap? I dont have any mac and I think that this is the only way to build for ios.