App building for ios

hey i have a question here…
i developed an app for android using ionic in ubuntu. Now the same app i want to build for ios, but in ubuntu it is saying that ios can’t be run in ubuntu. Then how can i build an app for ios? can be built using windows?
or mac is mandatory for ios development?

You can only build IOS application in a Mac based computer.
You can only build window phone application in a Windows based computer.

But you can build for android from any OS computer because its open-source. that’s is why android is the best :smiley:


haha… :smiley: funny, but thanks for the information.

You can build on any OS using that Phonegap Build service at which builds for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Unfortunately, PhoneGap Build requires changes to your project configuration to get it to play nice with their service. We were looking into hooking it up to our CI service to wire together builds via the PhoneGap Build API and then use the CLI tools to push to iTunes Connect. Honestly, it is easier for us to just pull, build and push right from Xcode.

EDIT: We also looked into and using their AppBuilder platform. More gymnastics required to get our Ionic project to work with their expected project layout and configuration.

Hopefully will provide a low friction solution.

May I know how to build IOS app from UBUNTU 14.04 LTS 64bit using phonegap, I got an error while I’m using phonegap build, It was sucessful for android and windows.

Is there any procedure or some steps to follow to build IOS app from linux(UBUNTU 14.04) through phonegap.

Note: iam developing the app using angularjs and ionic framework and uploading the files to

phonegap is building the app for windows and android but an error is showing for ios build. when i click on log for ios in phonegap there is no data showing and dislaying a message saying that they will store log data not more than a month. I again rebuild it and clicked on log again, the same thing is displaying there. Do i need to change the code for ios to work.

is this answer still true? ( jan 2016 ) .
i remember reading somewhere that, now, you can build/emulate ios - without a mac.