Phonegap build

I’m almost ready with my app and so I’d like to test it on my native device so that I can show a demo to my client.
As they aren’t very tech people it would be great that I could show it off like a “real” app. I know that Phonegap has: an app to install on your device and it pairs with your “Phonegap server”.

But since Cordova is in Ionic, the local “webserver” of Phonegap isn’t integrated. Theoretically I could “create” and “port” my Ionic app into it … I think. But practically it could create other issues.

Or is there a more stable and better way to do it? Or does Ionic provides the same app as Phonegap?

That we do. You can use the ionic view app for ios or android.

From the command line, you can run

ionic login (login with your forum email and password)
ionic upload (uploads your app to our servers for loading into the view app

The Ionic View app doesn’t seem to be working at the mo.Please see this other post:

It looks like it wil be great once it’s working, Any update or information on how to get this working would be much appreciated.

Hi @Avril - the service you’re referring to is known as The PhoneGap Developer App. PhoneGap Build is a different service used to build your app in the cloud for distribution - the title of your post may confuse people who would otherwise have replied here.

I don’t use PhoneGap Build, but I have been using the PhoneGap Developer App in combination with “ionic serve” on the CLI. See this post:

Hmm, interesting. I’ll ping the devs and see whats up


I’m getting the same error when I try to load my app. Any progress on this?