Windows Devs & Apple iOS

Hi everyone,
I’ve been apart of the Ionic community for years now (very selectively using the forums);
however the reason why I’m posting this time is because I’d like to collect some feedback
from my fellow Windows/Apple Devs.

I prefer to host my own servers/back-ends/etc. (no FireBase, etc.),
however at the end of the day when my projects are to be cross-platform for android/windows
and iOS I’ve come to a very strong and firm understanding;

You need a Mac to make Apple iOS applications.

That’s cool and everything;
but when us Window Devs are done our cross-platform applications and we don’t have a Mac to turn to…

What’s our moves then?
How do we go from being limited to releasing on all platforms - including iOS?

Basically - I’m asking:

How do Window Devs that don’t own a Mac release for Apple?


These exist:

Or buy an old mac just for building.

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I have PhoneGap Build (Electron);
But what about setting up the iOS Push Notifications?
I’m using OneSignal.
Wouldn’t Apple check to make sure the app was generated from a Mac?