Creating iOS apps - OSX vs ionic package on Windows 7


I recently purchased an app to customise and release onto both iOS and Android, and the instructions use ionic to create the app itself.

I’ve gone through on my Windows machine (it’s taken me close to 100 hours - I’m useless with these sort of things) and have finally been able to successfully build an app on Android. However, I’ve just got to the iOS section and the instructions clearly say I need to run it on OSX.

According to a recent blog post ionic package is capable of creating iOS apps from within Windows - this would certainly be preferable as I’m genuinely dreading getting everything setup again, especially on my girlfriend’s already struggling 6 year old Macbook.

But will there be any potential problems further down the line if I do the development and creating the apps on Windows? My plan was to do that, and then just use her Macbook for actually publishing the app to the app store.

Many thanks