Looking for experience Ionic Angular developers

Hi guys, I am looking for someone to perform a task for my ionic app, yes you heard that right, I am also a developer but for this particular task, I have no idea how to do it. Hence, I am looking for an experienced developer to do it.

Task: To implement a functional zero-bug auto-renewable subscription modal in iOS version ONLY (I have done the android one)
Framework: Ionic 5, Angular 8 and Capacitor
Details: When users subscribe, they get access (unlock) to ng pdf viewer to view books in the app. If they unsubscribe or payment failed, the content must be locked back. Basically, premium users get to access to premium e-books in the application.

I am willing to pay but with one condition, the app MUST be functioning well. If you have no idea how to implement an auto-renewable subscription in iOS for an ionic angular app, then don’t waste your time taking this job.

For those who are interested and is capable of doing it, please email me ongyongxun@gmail.com and send me your quotation.

Thank you.

I’m curious how the Android implementation works, because unless I’m misunderstanding the requirements (which is entirely possible), I can’t think of any way to reliably “re-lock” content.

For example, I have a JetBrains subscription. As long as I keep my subscription current, I can use all newly released versions of their products. If I cancel or allow my subscription to lapse, I lose access to future versions, but the last current authorized version will continue to work in perpetuity.

That system makes logical, technical, and ethical sense to me. Ethical concerns aside, I cannot imagine a technical system that would enable the producer to remotely disable access to a resource I was once authorized to use, especially a passive document like a PDF that could easily be copied.

This assumes that the app is designed to work offline (which seems like it would be mandatory for a book-reading app to me, but maybe you think otherwise). I could see it being doable if:

  • the books are only available online
  • you’re willing to accept that a user could make archival copies of books they’re authorized for, that they could continue to read later, even after canceling subscription

Hi @rapropos!
It seems to me that the app offers a wide range of content, as long as the user is up to date with his subscription paid. So, I think the problem is not with the business rule. Rather, the implementation of Apple’s in-app purchase auto-renewable subscription.

I already implemented Apple’s in-app purchase, really auto-renew is one of the most critical and difficult. I believe that Apple could simplify this in-app purchase process.

This is currently very complex and poorly explained, causing signatures to fail. There are delays in responding to requests from the apps and the Apple system does not adequately inform the developer when the user cancels his subscription.

To know about this may be you need to make a new purchase, either validating receipts, or implement a constant subscription status check. For Apps with many active users, a large amount of data is generated to be managed by the backend.

In short, Apple’s in-app purchase has complicated rules and an inefficient system to serve developers. But it still charges 30% of everything, unfortunate.


I would be glad to assist you.
Sent you PM please check it.
Thanks !


I can help you with your app.
Could you please share the detailed scope of work so that I can review and share the quotation further.

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