Help Me Build 5 Paid Apps


Hi Guys,

I’ve just picked up Ionic and am completely lost with it to be honest, its my first time using CLI, yeoman and angular.

I have the content for 5 apps which I’ve built to a mock standard using jqm, stumbling across ionic i’ve decided to build them all with this and angular.

i’m looking for anybody to help me quickly mock them up using ionic and in return offer 50% of all sales.

if your interested in helping me out msg me.




Hello @Larman,

I am interested in working with you. I have recently completed a android app using ionic+angular+phonegap. I am really excited to work on with you will learn a lot more new things.



Hey @Larman,

Definitely interested in the possibility of work, having worked on several apps before for both iOS and Android. Send me an email if your still looking for some help.


hi, great! whats your Skype and what time zone are you in? I’m in cardiff so GMT


@Larman My skype Id is gauravsaini03 GMT +5:30