Ionic v0.9.25, Alpha Quokka, is ready for testing


Please help us test out Quokka and let us know how it goes, thanks!

Note that in this release there is a breaking change in that all of our directives are now prefixed with ion-.

Our next step is to add in more end-to-end and visual tests, and we’ll keep you informed of our progress and we move along.

0.9.25 “Quokka” (2014-02-19)

Bug Fixes

  • anchorScroll: find offset of nested elements correctly (17cc0408, closes #618)
  • click: event.preventDefault() when setting focus() on an input, closes 583 (fc8ab4b8)
  • ionicLoading: make showDelay default to 0 (was 2000) (0d3718cc)
  • ionicScrollDelegate: tapScrollToTop won’t fire for button tap (70d95249, closes #557)
  • loading: make showDelay option work correctly (7281e2ab, closes #562)
  • modal: do not click buttons underneath modal (9bc928f0)
  • navBar: animations work properly (749cd382)
  • scrollView:
    • allow contenteditable element to be pressed normally (39ad3e0b, closes #421)
    • fix error from checking device before ready (a5d96473)
    • cancel scrollTop every time hash is set (e1b6fd4f)
    • do not stop scrolling if stopped beyond boundaries (1aef593f)
  • tabs: broadcast tab.shown/tab.hidden to only child scopes (69fda4e5)


  • angular: Update to Angular v1.2.12, closes #600 (97f4f6ea)
  • button: Increase hit area size of a button (c168b489)
  • event: Created stopEvent directive to use for certain ng-click cases, closes #550 (8b308a17)
  • ionic: prefix all directives with ion- (2c39a214)
  • modal:
    • add .isShown() method to modal instances (e106457e, closes #320)
    • $broadcast ‘modal.shown/hidden/removed’ from parent scope (110ff9f4, closes #243)
  • navBar: allow expression in type. <nav-bar type="{{myType}}"> (5470d77a, closes #599)
  • sideMenu: allow and watch attrs width & is-enabled (bfefc69f)

Breaking Changes

  • All directives are now prefixed with ion-.

For any directive you use, add the ionic prefix.

For example, change this HTML:

  <tab title="home" href="/tab/home">

To this HTML:

  <ion-tab title="home" href="/tab/home">


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