Breaking Change: Directives will now be prefixed with `ion-`

Currently in the nightly build, and scheduled for the 0.9.25 release, is that all of Ionic’s directives will now be prefixed with ion-. The underlying decision behind this is to avoid any conflicts with your code or other libraries in the future.

An example of the change is from this:

  <tab title="home" href="/tab/home">

To this HTML:

  <ion-tab title="home" href="/tab/home">

View the commit here

We apologize for the inconvenience, but wanted to get this out sooner than later, and before the v1.0 release.


Ouch. That’s going to cause a lot of pain.

However, I’m glad this is happening. Prefixing will make it much easier down the road to figure out where code is coming from.

Have fun updating all the CodePen samples!

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a pain indeed. but much needed.

Not a bad idea, but the docs are already updated prior to the code being updated, so until 0.9.25 is out I’d expect a lot of confused users wondering why things don’t work.

Thanks guys, saves trouble down the road. Pretty straightforward to update.

(If it makes anyone feel better, I just updated all of the codepens)


Just starting a new app built with Ionic, this caused a momentary bit of confusion when we had started with the 0.9.24 the other day, and tried to follow tutorials for 0.9.25.

Thought the lacking of a prefix was an odd choice - glad to see it be part of 0.9.25, and thankfully we only had to adjust a small number of things since the project is only a few days old.

now i get why i get so many trouble on new version ahuhauahua Thanks! Updating my html :smiley:

great move guys - a little pain early for huge benefit down track
the speed you guys are moving is very impressive - so thanks

Is there a plain list of every directive somewhere so I can do a simple search/replace in my project? :smiley: