Ionic v0.9.21, Alpha Maine Coon, is ready for testing

The Maine Coon is out of the bag! We’ve closed a lot of issues and feature requests and wanted to get them into your hands for testing. Also, please keep the issues coming, they’ve been extremely helpful and can’t thank the community enough for helping to improve Ionic.

Changes for v0.9.21:

  • Toggle directive now includes .item.item-toggle wrapper
  • Toggle/Checkbox/Radio implements ng-model/ng-value/ng-change
  • Ionicons v1.4.2, icons now using :before pseudo
  • Button and header size updates
  • Android “click” event firing twice fixes
  • Refactor platform ready event listeners
  • Refactor navView directive
  • Created ionic.Platform.fullscreen() and .showStatusBar()
  • Update to Angular v1.2.8
  • Disable pointer-events during transitions
  • Remove ngTouch from angular.modules
  • Remove angular-touch.js and angular-route.js references

As always please let us know how its working, any bugs you may find, or any features which would be helpful.



Hi Adam

Thanks for latest release.

Have I missed something lately - what has happened to ngTouch?

Is Ionic doing its own touch handling (or using Fastclick or something) now?

I understand Angular ngTouch module is not up to speed - is that the reasoning.



Thanks for latest release.

I noticed that click event firing twice on android has been fixed in 0.9.21.

But, after upgrading to 0.9.21, it is still firing twice on my Galaxy S II and Padfone 2.

Maybe there is something wrong with my code?


Fixing Android’s tap events is on top of our priority list right now. One of the things we’re actively testing is to NOT use ngTouch since it seems to be causing many other issues with our event system. We’ll keep the group posted as get it fixed up. Thanks.