Ng-click acting strange on phone only?

I’m running 0.9.21.

My ng-click works fine in the browser. Works perfectly. On the phone it seems to not work at all on a span tag. On a tags it’s like the event isn’t cancelled and it just goes to # on the app, though the ng-click action does still get fired.

Is this a known issue?

I think if it was a known issue, it was fixed by 0.9.23. But let me ask you ngTouch included in your app?

I don’t know if I have ngTouch. Where would that be?

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Upgrading from 0.9.21 just gives me a white screen of death, as usual anytime I upgrade Ionic. No errors in console. Nothing.

If you just updated to newest (0.9.25), there is a major breaking change.

Every Ionic directive has a new ion- prefix added. So <content> needs to be changed to <ion-content>, etc.

Goodness. Perhaps the versioning scheme should be tweaked. I understand this is alpha software but it’s a little unexpected to have a major breaking change on a patch release.

@taylorotwell be sure to check out the CHANGELOG every every release:

And, well … you actually have a point. We don’t want to upgrade the major version number yet (we’re saving 1.0 for later), but we could start using 0.10 and 0.11 etc for breaking changes, to go with semantic versioning conventions.

Right now we are trying to make the API as solid and future-proof as possible in preparation for 1.0, as well as make performance a huge focus. But we will look into using semantic versioning minor version numbers in the meantime.

ngTouch is a separate angular module that could be included as a .js file and the ngTouch will be also included in the angular.module('appName', 'ngTouch'); to be injected.

The latest release should address any ng-click issues, but I also recommend not using ngTouch and wrote about it here:

and here:

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