Ionic v0.9.24, Alpha Peleguin, is ready for testing

Per @xtheglobe (who is also our amazing narrator of our recent getting started video) a Peleguin has “The graceful glide of the pelican and the flawless fluidity of the penguin”.


Bug Fixes

  • android: when keyboard comes up, ensure input is in view (9327ac71, closes #314)
  • backButton:
    • able to hide back button if any back button attr set in navBar, closes #564 (74a05a03)
    • Do not show back button if no attributes set, closes #549 (2d39418d)
  • browser: on first hash-set, dont set scrollTop (1c4d4a8b)
  • buttonIcon:
    • fix vertical-align in safari, closes #554 (6acba8da)
    • float left icon-left, closes #515 (38420c81)
  • click: Clicks firing twice, closes #573 (2132d292)
  • header: Header icon button css fix for Safari, closes #576 (801d2d7b)
  • ionicScrollDelegate: trigger resize before scrolling to top/bottom (ea289b81, closes #522)
  • list: css: don’t make last .list on page have margin-bottom (fb5a0d4c)
  • listButtons: Update list button sizes, closes #478 (91652112)
  • navBar: Remove duplicate back button arrows, closes #547 (4808e80d)
  • refresher: make refresher css not create gap at end of list (79387a4e)
  • scroll: <scroll> is now registered with $ionicScrollDelegate (2c7ce763)
  • scroll-view: css: make it take up only 100% height (d2f9e94b)
  • scrollView:
    • start scroll again if it stops beyond boundaries (eed6b19b)
    • nested scrollViews now work independently (4cc4a18c, closes #278)
  • sideMenuContent: make dragContent default to true (61a280bd)


  • $ionicScrollDelegate:
    • add scrollTo(left,top,animate) to delegate (c119498d)
    • allow anchorScroll to animate with param (36691bba)
    • add .anchorScroll() function (c2bbd9e9)
  • domUtil: add getPositionInParent function (a970f0bd)
  • grid: Added classes, variables and mixins for responsive grid options (1cdb999e)
  • ionic: remove angular-sanitize (ngSanitize) as dependency (e7556233)
  • list: reordering scrolls page, reordering performance better (7f4b28d9, closes #521)
  • sideMenuContent: watch drag-content attribute (7f9bfb5a)
  • tabs:
    • allow html in tab title attribute (0facb120, closes #528)
    • allow tab badge-style attribute to set badge class (b11e0f51)
  • toggle:
    • Disable toggle w/ ng-disabled, closes #541 (2eab747d)
    • allow ngDisabled binding (0fe44867)

Also note that we now have an ionic.bundle.js file, which bundles ionic.js, ionic-angular.js and all the angularjs dependencies into one file. If you’d do not have a need to have all the files broke apart we encourage you to use the ionic.bundle.js from now on.

Huge thanks goes out to everyone on this forum for helping to report issues and building an awesome community.