Ionic v0.9.26, Alpha Rabbit, is ready for testing


Alpha Rabbit is out and ready for testing:

This version also contains a few Android performance fixes, so please test it out and let us know how it goes. Our next focus is to improve and auto-generate documentation.

Big thanks to the forum users for helping us identify and debug issues. This growing community and wide range of testing is contributing to making your Ionic apps better, so thanks again for the assistance. Beta coming soon!

0.9.26 “Rabbit” (2014-02-26)

Bug Fixes

  • actionsheet: Actionsheet in modal has pointer-events enabled, closes #660 (1503cc72)
  • click: event.preventDefault() when setting focus() on an input, closes 583 (fc8ab4b8)
  • ionContent:
    • Update scss for ion-infinite-scroll element (788df524)
    • Use new name to find ion-infinite-scroll element (1702f5c9)
  • ionPrefix: disableRegisterByTagName updated w/ ion- prefix for correct view history (2494b5f9)
  • ionSideMenu: use manual transclude instead of ngTransclude (991d3cfd, closes #666)
  • ionTabs: cleanup and fix many issues (0f1b6f47, closes #597)
  • ionicScrollDelegate:
    • do not error if no scrollTop/Left values (9e942f89, closes #659
  • item: degrade .item right arrows by grade for low end devices (3a69bb34)
  • loading: make showDelay option work correctly (7281e2ab, closes #562)
  • modal:
    • Fix modal animation for firefox, closes #671 (0033c880)
  • navBar:
    • animations, hide back button, no flicker (465ea769, closes #653)
  • platform: Update to check all platforms, closes #604 (fcd0fa73)
  • sideMenu: remove translate3d when not needed, close #636 (07092f00)
  • slideBox: make does-continue attribute work continuously (f6ec6a3c, closes #575)
  • tabs:
    • Double tapping a tab would set the wrong view history, closes #656 (f0faae16)
  • text-rendering: Disable text-rendering:optimizeLegibility for low end devices (10289466)
  • thumbnail: Correctly apply thumbnail style to item directive, closes #509 (977c1cc6)
  • transform: Polyfill style.transform to work w/ non-webkit (52671c18)


  • grade: Set grade in body class depending on platform performance (b69b40c8)
  • ionContent: use child scope instead of isolate scope (49e0dac9, closes #555)
  • ionInfiniteScroll: use event system (7b0716c2, closes #661)
  • ionNavAnimation: <a href="#/page" ion-nav-animation="slide-in-up"> (8354d42b)
  • item: Auto right-arrow for complex list items w/ ng-click/href, closes #472 (327a6866)
    (110ff9f4, closes #243)
  • sass: All variables now have !default assigned, closes #631 (53af2c7a)
  • scrollbar: Do not use rgba background for scrollbar on grade-b and c devices (805c35c1)
  • sideMenu:
    • Degrade .menu-content box-shadow w/ platform grade for animation performance (d2a0780b)

Breaking Changes

  • The binding for ionInfiniteScroll has changed, as well
    as how you finish it.

If you had this code before:

<ion-content on-infinite-scroll="doSomething"></ion-content>
function MyCtrl($scope) {
  $scope.doSomething = function(scrollDoneCallback) {

Now, your code should look like this:

<ion-content on-infinite-scroll="doSomething()"></ion-content>
function MyCtrl($scope) {
  $scope.doSomething = function() {



p.s. What about List View’s itemButtons ?