Ionic Show: Ask Us Anything!


Hey Ionites!

Hope your week is off to a great start and that your Ionic apps are blazing trails! :sunglasses:

As many of you know, @max and I record a Youtube show every other month called, you guessed it, the Ionic Show. We’re getting ready to record the next episode, and in addition to sharing exciting Ionic news with you, we want to spend part of the show answering your questions! Post your Ionic-related questions here. Then make sure to favorite the ones you most want answered!

Back by popular demand: a tasty Wisconsin craft brew to help us answer each challenging question!

With that said, ask away!



Should you provide some stickers, t-shirts for guys who will make presentations on programmer confs about ionic?


Thank you for this session :slight_smile:


What is your opinion on React Native?


Any desktop GUI to replace the command line? Also how have you seen Ionic grow in the past year?

  • When Ionic creator is coming out?
  • Any chance we see WP support anytime soon?


when can we have a hands-on experience with ionic middleware / backend services?


Hi guys,

Recently I have used ReactJS into one of the modules of an ionic App and during the implementation I have faced a challenge of injecting ion directives into React DOM object.

Can we ease the integration of ionic directives being injected into ngReact components.

Thank you.


I want to know which part will be free, and which part will be charged in the future?


Ionic creator is already out


What are your plans for Windows mobile, and other mobile platforms? Will we see a common code base that can run transparently across all major platforms?


React Native related questions has been already asked. Few others from my side are below.

  1. What are the features expected in which is different from others?
  2. As we know 1.0 is almost done, what we can expect after 1.0 final release? How about roadmap list based on trello votings?


tips on getting the most performance from android i.e using background images, light-use of shadows etc


How Performance Performance and Performance ? :relieved:


Question about ngCordova. Will it support the interactive notification ios 8?

  • Performance on android
  • React (& which can be an “ionic killer” )
  • Future paid plans ?
  • Features roadmap / Vision
  • = future Backend As A Service ?
  • Tablet specific component/directives ?
  • Performance
  • Performance
  • Performance


What’s the future of the Ionic Framework? I know this is a very broad question, but I would like to know your plans about maintaining v1.0 and what new awesome features will 2.0 bring (along with AngularJS 2.0).



How about official Material Design support?


Feature roadmap in the framework in detail. Will ios have native scrolling for example.