IonicUK Launch - 29th Jan 2015

I attended the IonicUK launch meet at Skills Matter in London.

It was really good to see how many people are interested/involved. Ryan from Sworkit was there (nice guy!) and I had a chat with him about his stuff. He, and others, give talks on what they were doing and we got to ask Max a few questions.

Stand out things for me were

  • Ionic is coming out of beta! \o/
  • The idea that Sani (the presenter) came out with; mobile apps should be like web apps/sites. Write once and view/use on everything. Yeah, we know that but somehow I never twigged the comparison with websites.
  • Ionic will support Angular 2 when it arrives

The only thing I left still, err, troubled by was storage. I asked Ryan and the representative from Zourist about storage and they are both using LocalStorage and LocalForage and WebSQL (and the file system for images and video). We’re using the SQLite plugin for ngCordova and although it works it’s not quiiiite as smooth going as I’d like. It’s the asynchronous nature of it and failing to update views you see. Once that’s cracked Ionic will, for me, be THE thing.

Oh, and I hope Angular 1.3 will continue being supported even after Angular 2 arrives.

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Glad to hear that the meetup was a success!