Announcing the Ionic Show!

Hey Ionites!

Hope your week is going well. Today, I’m thrilled to announce the very first episode of a new monthly video series called the Ionic Show!

Because of the sheer volume of awesome stuff going on in the Ionic community (thanks to YOU), we felt there needed to be a great way to share and increase the visibility of it. Each episode will highlight 4-5 awesome projects, apps, and new features in Ionic that we think you’ll find interesting or you may have missed. In this month’s episode we talk about Keychain, HabitRPG, Genymotion, ngCordova, and Collection Repeat.

Check out the show and us know what you think. We’d love to hear what you think should go into next month’s episode!

<3 Ben and the team


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Ionic Show is a great idea! I am very excited about the new Collection Repeat functionality. That is a huge win for the app I am working on.

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The Background in the Video is quite interesting :smile:

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