Send us your demos!


Hey everyone,

We are looking for some cool demos of Ionic to put up on our upcoming Ionic App showcase. If you want some free promotion and to help us show the world what is possible with Ionic, we’d love to have you submit your app here:

All we are looking for is a few screenshots and a link to your website, it doesn’t have to be live or ready yet.

From all of us at Drifty, thanks so much for your help and support so far. Ionic is quite a bit better than it was even just a week or two ago because of your help :smile:


We should have a pretty complex app(similar in UI to AirBnB, view a listing, sublistings) in a few weeks. Would love to have it used as an example of how sweet Ionic is.


I am working on Job Listing App, will share the demo app soon :slight_smile:


We’re working on a cross platform Billboard Ad Simulator application using Ionic and Cordova, will update you once we go live.


Submitted! Having a good time building with the framework so far, quite a bit nicer for rapid prototyping & development than non-web native code. Thanks team Ionic =)


Awesome, thanks everyone! Here is the first draft of the showcase page:

We want to push these pretty hard over the coming months, since the coolest part about Ionic is what you all end up making with it. So let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback on how we could promote your work better.