The Ionic Experience :-)

Just wanted to drop a quick line on the forum to express how satisfied I am with Ionic. My friend @whites1016 I jumped on the Ionic wagon pretty early and although I wanted to get an app out much sooner, had alot of stuff going on and worked on it off and on, not to mention some time spent contributing to the Ionic market!

We finally got around to releasing our apps on Android and iOS and cant express enough how satisfied I am with how this project grew into what it is today. I have been working with Cordova apps now for over 4 years, and Ionic completely changed the game!! Thanks again to all the forum moderators especially @brandyshea @mhartington and the rest of the crew.

Check it out and let me know what you think!!!



Hi Devin,

really nice app, seems to have some potential, i will test it over the next week to read news about my favorite soccer club.

Can you provide a Plugin with this kind of pull to refresh? Didn’t find something similiar in the marketplace so i think you have written the directive behind the sync-animation by yourself, didn’t you?

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@Jknorr I actually added back in the pull to refresh logic Ionic had in a previous version (I believe beta 14??). Then just used css animations for all the sport balls!! Sure perhaps when I get some free time ill throw it up somewhere!!