Ionic cli v3 and angular 4

We can see a lot of developement on ionic cli v3 and see there are some beta releases on npm. Naturally for now there is no documentation about v3, but can we know which are the new features and the big changes in v3. Could and should we test it?? :slight_smile:

Also there are some branches for v3 (should be angular 4) on ionic(-angular) github. Looking to the roadmap angular4 should be ready for 22 of marche, do you think you will be ready for ionic and angular4 approximately on this date? Do you have plans release some RC this months to let us test the new features?

Thx to the amazing team

We know a few things, like that it should support lazy loading, which should improve startup time.

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@Riou thanx for the link for meeting notes. This is very very useful!!