Has anyone got an idea when Ionic 4 will be released?

Simple question - when can we expect to see Ionic 4 in a release state?

Quote of the Ionic’s newsletter from 26th June 2018:

Ionic/Angular V4

We are fast approaching a beta release of Ionic/Angular V4. The team is working through the last updates needed for the framework and then will be focused on bug fixes once the beta is out. Some of the big features we’ve been finishing up:

  • Improved grid component, with dynamic column widths
  • CSS Variables for faster theming that can be changed on the fly
  • Improved CLI support for multi-project setups

Keep your eyes peeled for the beta announcement.

Thanks for the reply @reedrichards - - I did not know about the newsletter but I have now signed up for it .

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Then it was a good idea to mention it :slight_smile:

Finger crossed to see that beta happens soon I hope