Announcing Ionic 4 beta!

Hey everyone!

I’m thrilled to announce the Ionic 4.0.0-beta.0 release. :tada:

What’s New :question:

Ionic 4 brings significant performance and build time improvements, powerful theming capabilities, multi-framework compatibility, brand new documentation, and so much more to the Framework you know and love.

A quick overview of what Ionic 4 has to offer:

  • Stabilization Through Web Standards :muscle:
  • Framework Integration & Compatibility :fire:
  • Support for the Angular CLI & Router :a:
  • New Documentation :spiral_notepad:
  • Theming with CSS Variables :heart_decoration:
  • Encapsulation via Shadow DOM :ghost:

Getting Started :rocket:

The upgrade from Ionic 3 to 4 is our easiest upgrade yet, because, if you’re using Angular, the developer experience hasn’t changed at all! Our Migration Guide helps to transition your Ionic apps to take advantage of Angular’s tooling.

Most of the changes in our Breaking Changes can also be detected by our Migration Tool. It can even fix some issues automatically!

If you’d like to learn more, the community has already published some great migration guides that share some experiences of the migration process.

As with any beta software, we know there will be some rough edges. Please let us know how migration and testing goes, and please report issues to our GitHub. In order to better manage and resolve these issues, we’ve embraced using the new GitHub Project Board to make what we’re actively working on more transparent.

Thank You :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Thank you to everyone for using Ionic and being patient with us while we worked through organizing issues and went heads down on this new version. We think you’re really going to love it!

We’d also like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone that helped test the previous v4 alpha releases. Your input and feedback was instrumental in getting to this point. :blue_heart:

Ionic 4 beta docs ⟶
Introduction to v4 ⟶
Installing v4 Beta ⟶
Migration Guide ⟶


Can we get an Ionic-4 category in the forums so it’s easier to find/discuss questions and issues related to the 4.0 release?


Not able to create a ionic 4 beta apps to test -
Using below commands

ionic start myApp tabs --type=angular

getting below error -

npm ERR! Unexpected end of JSON input while parsing near ''

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR!     /Users/Satish/.npm/_logs/2018-07-26T07_27_32_538Z-debug.log
[ERROR] An error occurred while running subprocess npm.

Is this production ready. Am creating a new project today. So i used ionic start it asks me to update so i updated to ionic4. I want to know that its production ready or in testing phase.

It’s a beta. Obviously it is not production ready.

It asked you to update Ionic CLI to 4.x - which is stable and good to use.
Ionic Framework is something different.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you run ionic info please and paste the output? Thanks!

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I wouldn’t recommend using it in a production application just yet as there will likely be some issues.

The framework has gone through extensive testing internally (alpha versions) and is close to what the final product will be, but there may be some design/API changes as a result of the external testing (beta versions).

Version 4.0.0 of the Ionic CLI was released at the same time as our beta release of the framework, and it is stable to use.

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@mhartington is currently shuffling the categories around! I’ll let him update here once he is finished. :slightly_smiling_face:

oh hai :wave:

So here’s what we got now:

ionic category is for V4 and up! Since the frameworks has been restructured to framework agnostic components, we shouldn’t need a new category anymore :tada: Plus this will include the core components as well as any framework specific bindings (angular, vue, etc)

ionic-v3 is for anything related to v2 and v3. Since this was a massive change compared to v1, it’s much easier to just keep it it’s own category

ionic-v1 is for V1 projects, pretty self explanatory.

Please let me know if this make sense, I think this will be the easiest way to separate things out


and most important, if I’m not mistaken, you updated your profile picture :wink:
such a big step as v4 deserved it


Thank you very much…

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Here is the details -


ionic (Ionic CLI) : 4.0.1


NodeJS : v8.11.3
npm : 5.6.0
OS : macOS High Sierra

Re-installing ionic solved the problem . :v:

Great work you people have done, a Big thank you :slight_smile:

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Congratulation. had to start it soon.
honestly, I was waiting for the ability to use animated SVG in splash screen but it seems still is not available. Animated SVG help to end user to tolerate loading time(lazy loading)
I have not deployed the new version of the app to a real device to check that dose in old device shows the flowing error or not.
I have a big problem with this issue since version 2 and its solution by using dealy.
and forcing new versions of phones the same delay.

This is not something implemented by Ionic but by the native wrapper you are using, Cordova or Capacitor.
I don’t know of any way to achieve this with both.

For your other problem, please open a new topic instead of hijacking this one. Thanks.

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ok i ll try it now thanks

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Awesome great work team,

I have a project that will take about 3 months to complete, do you think it will be out of beta by the end of that project?

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Amazing work by the Ionic Framework Team :muscle:
I wrote a small article explaining the main differences between Ionic 4 and Ionic 3 as well as the new concepts of this new version.

Also, I created a To Do List App in Ionic 4 that you can download for free so you can see how to start using Ionic 4 to create a simple app with lists, forms and navigation. You can download it from