Ionic4 - Release date

Hi guys, I’m getting ready to start a new Ionic project and would like to know about an estimate for the release date of Ionic4. Do you have an idea about this?

Does it worth to start the project with Ionic3 if I’m planning move it to Ionic4 upon release?


No information about a release date yet. But I would guess more (few) months than (few) weeks - there is no alpha yet and quite a lot of stuff for @ionic/angular seems to be unfinished.

Absolutely - the upgrade won’t be that much work and 99% of your code will stay unchanged with the update. Just start!

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When it’s ready™

As far as creating a v3 project, I would definitely do that. The Ionic Team has expressed that the transition from Ionic 3 to 4 will not be nearly as painful as the transition from 1 to 2 was (Angular(2) was a big departure from AngularJS).

A vast majority of your code will work exactly the same in v4 as it did in v3 it’s just some things (like navigation and deep linking) will be fixed (using angular-router), work better, and you won’t be strapped to the Angular Framework anymore.


Thank you guys.
That helps!

I want to develop a new project based on AngularJS (Ionic 4 will support AngularJS as I understood) since I like AngularJS more than Angular or React due its simplicity of setup and use.

But Ionic 3 based on Angular which I dont like since its very heavy.
What to do?

As AngularJS is end of life / no more updates, I can not really advise you to start a project with it anymore. I would really suggest you giving Angular a shot.

Also important to note: Ionic v4 will support other frameworks, but “just” the UI components via @ionic/core. Ionic Angular adds quite a lot of additional APIs and logic around that people find valuable. (Note that this is highly speculative and only by what I read or heard along the way)

If you want to start now with a proper project I would definitely suggest you start with Ionic 3.

@Sujan12 Thanks for the reply.
Yes I will start with Ionic 3, even though I really like AngularJS since its super easy to setup…
I dont know why people rush into Angular, from my point of view right now (maybe I am mistake, I will check that) is very heavy and adds to many files and configuration to the project for the just same thing,
the same lady with different wear.
Isnt it like this?

You will have to talk to the Angular developers (Google) about that. We just live with the reality that AngularJS won’t get more updates and features but Angular will.

@Sujan12 Thank you sir. I appreciate your comment.

well “fixed” is relative. We know the status about angular-router but there aren’t clear statement about the navigation using push/pop and IonicPage() respectively if it will be still supported in v4 or not aka if both routing approach will be supported.

I hope so, would made my migration easier, I would be happy to be able to migrate without having to migrate my navigation directly

Btw. @joshmorony released recently a great sneak preview of the changes in Ionic v4. Nothing granted but it gives some ideas