Ionic 3 beta available now

Hey all,

While we haven’t gotten the official announcement yet, Ionic 3 beta is out in the wild and you can use it right now. If you want to start experimenting early, check this out:

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Nice to hear! :heart_eyes:

The CLI makes some problems with the iOnic Cloud so it would be better to wait for new CLI beta release i think

Probably best to wait until we release something more with more complete instructions.
Over eagerness can bite back!

This is true, I did prefix for early experimenters only, just so those like myself who are eager to look around early can do so.

Everyone else should of course wait for the real thing :slight_smile:

This post has been updated to use the config released by Ionic today, and to lazy load modules. Check out the updated post and github for details. Fyi this does not work on Windows as of now, no lazy loading appears to work on Windows just yet.

Just a question,
I am porting my app from ionic 1 to 2, and it’s painful.
Will the port from ionic 2 to 3 will be that big of a step ?


No, not even close, they’re almost identical. Angular moved to semantic versioning a while ago so every 6 months or so it will move to a new major version. It just moved to 4 and I think Ionic is following suit.

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ok, that’s good news! Thanks

Can you run ionc3 and ionic2 side-by-side?

I don’t really understand what you mean by side-by-side but…your Ionic version is set in package.json, so you can have whatever version you want in any project you want for the most part.

basically if I do npm install ionic -g and than npm install ionic@3.0.0-beta.5 -g
the 3.0.0-beta.5 will override the v3 does it?

You don’t understand the difference between the iOnic CLI (npm install -g ionic@beta) and the iOnic project packages ionic-angular.

You can’t install the iOnic CLI 3 Beta side by side the iOnic CLI V2

But you can run an iOnic Beta 3 project with the iOnic CLI V2