Ionic BETA 2 vs Ionic v1.3

I want to submit my app (currently on v1.3), but I also really would like to move to Ionic 2 for future development on the app.

I am uncertain about the stability of BETA 2 for publishing on IOS and would like to know what version would be more compatible with the newest IOS updates?

Both Ionic and Angular are in Beta. I would not suggest publishing the apps unless you accept that you will find quirks.

alright will stick to v1.3 then, thanks.

It really depends on how sensitive your app is.

I built few apps with Ionic 2. I would say everything works fine. But there are just tiny issues that I can live with. I can live with those issues because my apps are small and they’re not even publicly published yet.

If you were to build an app for Enterprise or a high-budget project, then you should stick with Ionic 1 for now.

thanks this information helps a lot!

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Angular 2 faster than Angular 1. And its code more clean.
It is important for me. I sure by the time I finish my app, Ionic 2 will be on RC. So I use Ionic 2