Ionic 2 production ready?

Hello together,

currently we think about developing an app with ionic 2 but we don’t know if it’s production ready yet.
We got 38.000 customers and we don’t like to change the whole app after evry release candidate. Should we use ionic1? We got experience on both versions but ionic 1 seems to be more stable. :slight_smile:

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Good question for Ionic team

Howdy there!

So since V2 is now in RC, there are NO MORE breaking API changes.
And what we have between RC change are bug fixes, and performance improvements.
So the whole API and code base is stable, and reliable.

Dare I say… V2 IS Production ready :smile:

V1 is now going to be in maintenance mode. We consider it “feature complete”, but will fix things when they break.
We’re encouraging dev that if they’re starting a new app, use V2.
It’s faster, more future proof, has better tooling, and is the way forward.


Thank you for your quick response :slight_smile:
That will make our decision a lot easier!

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