New App - Ionic 1 or Ionic 2


I need to write an app that should go live at some point in August 2016, should I use Ionic 2 or the latest version of 1? Ionic 2 is a learning curve for me since I still need to learn Angular 2 and the question is should I make the effort and go with 2 for an app that will be released while Ionic 2 is probably still in beta?

The app is pretty straightforward with the 3 major features being:

  1. REST request/responses
  2. Save data to SQL (haven’t finalized an a SQL plugin yet)
  3. Capture signature - not sure if this is doable in Ionic 2 but definitly know it works in ionic 1

Thank you

In the end I decided to go with Ionic 1.3, since this is not in BETA