Which version of ionic to use?


I begins new project and now I confused: Ionic 1, as I understand, is not supported, but Ionic 2 is in beta now and not recommended to production usage. Also there are not many documentation about Ionic2.
Which version do you recommend to use?


It really depends on a lot of factors and your risk tolerance. To clarify, Ionic 1 is still supported and will be for a long time, it just won’t be as actively developed anymore.

I would recommend Ionic 1 to anybody who already knows Ionic 1 and has a short release timeline for a production application that can’t afford any bugs in the development cycle.

In most other cases I think it’s best to go with Ionic 2, just understand that if you are aiming to release a production application with it, especially in the short term, there may be bugs and breaking changes to deal with.


I am beginner in Ionic and it seems to Ionic 1is simpler than Ionic 2. Also I know Angular 1 very well, so I’m going to choose Ionic 1. Thank you!


You are right, ionic 1 is based on angular 1, same thing for ionic 2.

If I believe other experimented members, ionic 2 would be easier than ionic 1 for a beginner. However, if you know angular 1, I think ionic 1 would be better for you.

Cheers !