Angular 2 Beta is ready now, what about Ionic 2

Angular 2 Beta is ready now.

What is the version of Ionic 2, it it in beta yet?
Is it safe now to start a new project using Ionic 2?


It is in beta and I am using it for production for a simple app. However, there seems to be an issue with the splashscreen and the code is still not minified in the APK on release. I think you will have to wait a few more weeks to really use it in production but you can start coding and fill bug reports on github, it will help I guess.

If I install Ionic 2 do I also need to install Angular 2?

Do I need to learn Angular 2 in order to use Ionic 2?

Thanks again!

Building an Ionic 2 project with the CLI will handle all the dependencies for you, so no you don’t need to install Angular 2.

And yes you will need to know Angular 2, but you will most likely just pick that up along the way if you’re learning Ionic 2 specifically.

To clarify though, Ionic 2 is not in beta, the CLI is. It isn’t currently “safe” to use Ionic 2 in production apps.


Do you guys know when it will be safe to use Ionic 2?

Thanks again!

Like Josh said, Ionic 2.0 is still in alpha. We don’t have a timeline of when we will move to beta, or production. There are still a number of issues we are working on, and many components missing. I’d recommend waiting until at least beta to use Ionic 2 if you don’t want to deal with breaking changes/bugs.

I’m dealing with a few bug here and there, still you guys (and girls) have been fixing them very quick, even if it is in beta i still think ionic 2 rocks, @brandyshea thanks taking the time to answer us all.


Ionic 2 is now in beta. @mhartington @joshmorony do you know of many production apps that are using beta?

Here is one from Justin who now works for drifty:

My company app is also using Ionic 2, it’s production ready and being tested by a few customers, my only complain is boot time cause my app sticks in the splashscreen for aprox 9 sec.

Do you have links to apps that are in production that are running Ionic 2? This is great news. The more examples we have, the better!

I can say there are apps working in production, and my company’s app is one of them, however i can’t show the code as it is licensed.

Sure, I don’t think we need code examples, just URLs to the apps on the app store would be great.

Our app is an enterprise one, not yet public in Play Store, right now only available for selected users in contact with the company, sorry about that.