How can i create ionic2 app?

i have plan to create new app and publish in play store for now i am trying to create ionic app in version 2 it create app in ionic 3 but i am not ready to create my app in beta version so please any one help me to start my in ionic 2


Why do you want to have a V2 when V3 is released?

v3 is beta right thats why i need ionic2

I would like to refer to this post from myself over here:

There’s no special difference between Ionic 2/3 except they changed the way they’re versioning. It’s not beta, Ionic 3.2 is the current stable release.

Untill recent Ionic-CLI (which often get’s confused with ionic-angular package) was in beta, but ionic-CLI 3.2 is also in production, not in beta. If you start a new project, start it with ionic-cli 3. Don’t look at the platform versioning, it’s stable. So generating a new project with the cli will give you a stable version of the framework as well.

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Wrong. What you probably think of as “Ionic2” is obsolete and no longer supported.

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then which one is better ionic 2 or ionic 3

It’s just like with any other framework, use the latest stable release. That’s the one supported best. So install the latest ionic-cli and generate a project (it automatically gives you the latest stable framework). Forget about Ionic2 or Ionic3, there’s just Ionic. The current stable release is 3.2.