IONIC 4 deploying installs & launches app but doesn't create launcher on android [bug]

Behaviour I used to have for the past month and a half developing in ionic:
-> Plug my phone to the PC
-> Make sure it’s connected and working using adb devices
-> Start developing something
-> Deciding it’s time to test it
-> Deploy the app to the phone by using: ionic cordova run android --target
-> If the app was installed, it would update, if it wasn’t, it would be installed, and stay installed even after closing it, I could open it up again using the launcher if I ever wanted to, it would be literally installed as any other app
-> Whenever I made big alterations to the sqlite local database such as creating new tables I’d completely uninstall the app, since updating it created conflicts
-> Everything worked, happy dev

Behaviour starting yesterday:
-> I deploy using: ionic cordova run android --target
-> I’m watching the terminal
-> I see app building logs
-> I see app installing logs
-> app opens up on my phone
-> app works PERFECTLY
-> going to settings -> installed apps, app is there
-> when I go to my home menu, app is no where to be found, I go and even search for it by name, nothing, apparently it is installed but something is going on and not creating the launcher

Any ideas ? This is tolerable when I’m on my pc working since I can open the app by deploying it again, but when I’m not near my computer I literally have no way to open up the app

Here is a SS of the app literally installed on my phone, so why isn’t it creating the launcher? I can search for “MyApp” and nothing pops up either, it’s as if it didn’t exist, but it surely does, look it’s right here, installed