Updating ionic app -v4

ionic -v4: "App not installed:


I’m using ionic v4. I created my first app, signed it, and deployed on my phone (as a .apk file) and it worked normally.
Later, I created a new version, and generated another .apk file. When I opened the latter, it told me something like “are you sure you want to install an update for an existing app?” and when I agreed, it told me “App not installed”.

I’ve been searching a week for a solution, but didn’t find any.
Could someone help? Thanks in advance.

Hey hey, are you sure this is exactly what the app tells you? in my case very often it says “such app is already installed” and I have to delete previous install and then repeat deployment.

It’s not accurate, but this content. It tells me that:

  • the app exists
  • it will update
  • date will NOT be lost

This happens when the code changes, delete the app installed and reinstall the new version!


Thank you all.
What I did is I re-copied the previous version’s folder, and overwrote all the changed files. And it worked properly.
#Lazy_Programming :slight_smile: