Build successful but device shows default Ionic app instead of my app


Hi there,

I’ve tried to build my Ionic2 App successfully, but when I’m installing it (adb -s <my_device> <my_built_apk>) successfully again, I’m opening the new app on my phone but there is not my app which is opening (see the following screenshot) :

On screen I see “Welcome to Ionic!” screen with “Tab 1 Tab2 Tab3”, that’s all, but at any moment I see my app.

Could you help please ?

Thanks by advance,


If someone could help me to face this issue please :slight_smile:


wat happens when you execute

ionic run android --device



Thanks for your answer.

I just tried at the moment, I’ve exactly the same result with “adb -s my_device_id install /path/to/my/apk” and the same screen “Welcome to Ionic” as described in my first post


and ionic serve serves the right app?

and gulp build and then adb install /platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/android-debug.apk Doesnt work either?

I think some dirs are messed up.


I do not have gulp installed, is it necessary ?
However, ionic serve runs the application fine in desktop brower


Gulp should be installed I guess, gulp controls building of the app.


Oh I see, so I don’t know how launching gulp, so apparently it is launch when I run ionic build android
I built it once more, and just launch adb install/home/user/perso/my-app/platforms/android/ant-build/CordovaApp-debug.apk`
Result is the same.

The selected android SDK build for 4.4.2 target version, my device is under 6.0 version, maybe is it the issue ?


That doesnt really make a difference. But you should always build before you deploy :slight_smile:


I’m always building before :slight_smile:

When I’m opening the www/build/pages directory I’ve just one directory “connection” (One of my folder sources) but not the other ones, and this directory is empty, maybe is it the problem ? So how could I fix it ? :frowning:

Here a screenshot of the project :


I managed to do it work !
It was stupid …
I’ve had my project into another ionic project (I apparently typed twice ionic start …) so the project launched was the first one, and it was the demo project…

Thanks a lot for your time maxx0r !


We’ve all been there :slight_smile:


Hi there, I’m experiencing the same issue. But with me it’s different. When I deploy to the android app store or on my phone the app works correctly but after a day or two it’s defaults to the welcome to Ionic screen. Any help will be appreciate.