How to start coding in backend

hello guys please guide me i am done with coding ux/ui in ionic and now i want to do backend of my applicaion where shold i get started from ? please help


Can you provide more information about what your application does to understand your back end needs.

Here an easy way to write your back end logic with node express :

if you need to use database, you can use MySQL. Follow this install guide :

Use it with express :

its a simple gym application i have to code a few calculations on one page and other are gym pages

What is this calculations ? Do you need to store anything on database and request a server to store or get remote data ?

no i am just working on simple applications and yes it includes browser storage and i have to save data locally on mobile


You have lot of exemple and tutorials on joshmorony blog :

I think this one is a good start for you :


thanks i will try this