A simple backend for Ionic app

Ive been using Firebase to build the app but am facing issues trying to catch up with the changes and forsee cost to be an issue too.

Im a noob in backend development so was hoping someone who can guide me on developing a simple back end. Can someone share their experience and/or codes on backend with Ionic? Asimple http (web api) or node.js will do. Also how does AWS and Heroku (not as a remote repository) come into play?

What Im trying to do is to upload files, (media, pics) and canvas drawings to the remote DB. Welcome suggestions to how this can be done.

I also read this link and dont get @gnomeontherun’s comments. So does it mean MEAN stack is only for webpages and not mobile app? Or does it mean MEAN is not optimized for mobile apps but would still work? Because Im using Ionic/Angular and if I use Express + Mongo as a DB as a restful DB…arent I using the MEAN stack already?

Are there any resources to read and learn more other than scotch.io?

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You can use the MEAN stack (or really just the ME*N without Angular) to create your RESTful API.

The point I’m trying to make here is that your mobile app client (the HTML/JS/CSS) should be in the app, and not in the MEAN application. When you build your mobile app, Cordova will take the code and include it with the mobile app.