What is the best backend and serverside scripting for Ionic 4


I am beginner for ionic app development. Basically i am a MS SQL DEVELOPER for 3 years.

I have started to build a ionic android app. My app will work like a social media network (like Facebook.) but minimum users :busts_in_silhouette:only use this application less than 500. I have designed the screens but I’m confusing to select the backend.

I have read more posts… But i am sure what i need to use.

Sorry for bad English…

Please help me…

It does not matter at all. Ionic apps communicate with their backend via APIs, so a REST or json or graphQL API. You can build those with any web framework and language out there, so use whatever you are most happy with.

Thanks for the reply…

Ionic backend means , ionic storage module??

Can you please suggest any web framework??

No, backend really just meant “server side part of the application”. The Ionic apps are the “clients”, and the backend is the “server”.

Ionic Storage is a storage plugin that runs on the client and can be used to store data in the app itself.

You can use literally every web framework out there. I am comfortable with PHP and nodejs, so I use mostly Laravel or express to build stuff that my apps talk to via an API I define.

I have decided to work with firebase . Please correct me if i am wrong…

Firebase works for lots of people, and it has the benefit that you don’t need your own servers. So this can be great.

Thanks Man… …